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Short Sleeve Shirt ISN

Short Sleeve Shirt ISN

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Short Sleeve Shirt ISN

Beautiful short sleeve shirt for those proud of their physique. Made with elastane material, enhancing the entire upper body: deltoids, trapezius, chest, back, sculpting the torso with excellent definition. This product is extremely versatile, worn by athletes of all ages and eras. Great for workouts and also as a casual option, even for nightlife.

The comfort and flexibility of this product are remarkable. After wearing this shirt, it will be hard not to become a fan of the brand!

  • Stretchy fabric
  • Super comfy
  • Next to skin without the squeeze
  • V opening on hem
  • ISN - Insano Sports Nation

Tips for making your product last longer:

- Preferably hand wash.
- If washing machine, use Gentle Cycle mode.
- Do not use chlorine bleach.
- Drying in the dryer is possible, but use minimum temperature.
- Do not use iron to press clothes.

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