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Short Sleeve Shirt Obsessed

Short Sleeve Shirt Obsessed

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Short Sleeve Shirt Obsessed



  1. High level of discipline and consistency in pursuing their goals.
  2. This dedication extends beyond casual interest, showcasing a profound passion for a healthy and active lifestyle.


This short sleeve shirt has a round hem. Made in a very stretchy type of fabric, this shirt is super comfortable and it allows you to do any kind of movement. It enhances your delts and makes you look even bigger! You can wear it at the gym or casual. 

  • Light weight fabric with elastane
  • Obsessed print
  • Round hem
  • Loose fit

Tips to make your product last longer:

  • Please wait at least 72 hours before washing or folding your product. While you can wear it right after receiving it, please respect the recommended time to wash and fold it. Otherwise, your awesome piece of clothing may be damaged.
  • Wash by hand if possible. If you're too busy use the 'Delicate Mode' on both your washing machine and dryer.
  • We do not recommend ironing INSANO clothes as it may cause damage.
  • Store clothes in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading and damage.


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